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The templates are preformatted which enables you to simply insert your own text and graphics in the spaces provided and print your own customized cards, invitations, certificates, place cards, menu’s, artwork, photographs, and so much more.

1. Choose the paper model stock that suits your need
2. Select your desired template
3. Once the template opens in MS word, save it and name it for easy retrieval
4. Compose your message and or image
5. Finally TEST your design on plain paper to ensure correct alignment and make changes before printing directly to your chosen paper stock
6. Print & Celebrate!

Use mail merge templates when you have multiple cards or certificates to print individual names.

The MS Excel file has pre-formatted columns where you may enter your own data. Do not change the column titles. (If you change the headings in these columns, you will need to change the "fields" in the MS Word document to match the columns in the Excel file.)

1.   Download the "Mail Merge File" in MS WORD and in MS Excel. Save both documents onto your desktop.

2.   Open the MS Excel file and enter your own data. Save the file once completed.

3.   Ready for the mail merge! Open the MS Word File. Go to Tools --> Letters & Mailings --> Mail Merge Wizard. (This will open the wizard on the right side of the screen).

4.   Follow the 6 easy steps in the mail merge wizard.

Select document type "Letters" then at the bottom, click on Step 1 of 6 - Next: Starting document.

Select starting document: "Use the current document". Click Step 2 of 6. Next: Select recipients.

Use an existing list, click on "browse" to select the Excel data file you just completed.

Click on Step 3 of 6 Next: "Write your letter."

Click on Step 4 of 6 Next: Preview your letters.

Click on Step 5 of 6 Next: Complete the Merge.

Click on Step 6 of 6 Under merge: "Edit Individual Letters", Select "All". This will open up a new document showing different receipients.

NOTE: If the word document is already linked to the data file, the Merge wizard may open at Step 3

Merge is complete and you're ready to print!



If you need assistance with these templates, please do not hesitate to call us! Toll-free 1-800-567-1877 Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm EST.