Pandemic Heroes Recognition (French)

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These files were created in Microsoft Word as mail-merge files.

They can be easily changed to suit your needs.

If you prefer to enter the names manually, please overwrite this text:

«First_Name» «Last_Name»

In the initial setup, we suggest that you first test print on plain paper to ensure that the text does not print over the gold foil elements.

Some printers print on the bottom of the page as it sits on the paper tray. We suggest that you check the side to be printed by marking a plain page with an arrow to show print direction. Then, test print text to confirm if the printer prints a) on top or bottom of page and b) the print direction to ensure the certificates are correctly placed in the paper tray. Finally, test print once more; this helps avoid spoiled certificates.


Alternatively, you can create your file and email it to us along with your Excel list of names to and we will perform the merge printing and ship the products to you “ready to present”. We will of course confirm costs before we go ahead.