Meaningful individual recognition when it is most needed

Meaningful individual recognition when it is most needed

In our Woodbridge plant, we manufacture a variety of fine paper products sold through resellers of Office Supplies.

In most of these niche categories we hold the leading if not the commanding market share and we are the only Canadian manufacturer.

Our most successful products are a variety of printable certificate border designs, certificate holders and frames in our St. James paper group.

Elegant certificates presented as part of a recognition event are an inexpensive way of expressing genuine appreciation to an individual; it is often an emotional experience for the recipients.

This small investment generates a significant improvement in engagement, loyalty and pride of service to their organization.

Recognition is one of the most powerful motivators.


When the Covid-19 brought our economies to a standstill, it occurred to us that business, government and political leaders would need an effective and meaningful way to individually and personally recognize the selfless contribution of front line personnel in so many industries including health and senior care, front line responders and postal workers to name a few.

We developed a number of commemorative designs applied in gold foil and available with Certificate Holders and Frames.

We hope that our products will become an important and memorable part of the celebration of our everyday heroes.  

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