Ergonomic Accessories

When you feel right, you work better.  DAC Ergonomic accessories give you the tools necessary to help you keep working on your computer pain free and comfortable. Copyholders place documents at eye level and adjust to your ideal angle.  Mouse Pads and Keyboard Wrist Rests place your arms and wrists in the correct ergonomic position.  Footrests and Backrests improve posture and circulation while reducing muscle fatigue and back strain. 

DAC Space Saver System

Conveniently attaches to all round monitor arm posts up to 1.65" 42mm dia.
Contains 30% recycled material.
Remove clutter by making use of that space under your monitor.

Multi-purpose shelf MP-204
Easy adjust height and position
Perfect for documents and Tablets, holds up to 5lbs-2.5kg

Organizer Tray MP-205
Multiple compartments keep supplies neat and handy.
Non-skid rubber feet keep tray firmly in place on work surface